2210, 2022

Travel Document Requirements for Foreigners Arriving in Indonesia

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Here are the most recent (Sept 2022) travel requirements for foreigners arriving in Indonesia:

  1. Download the PeduliLindungi app and fill it out before departure (note eHAC not required anymore for international arrivals).
  2. Adults must show proof (electronic or paper) of 2 vaccine doses taken at least 14 days before departure in English and in the original language.
  3. PCR test result not required before boarding
  4. For onward domestic travel, proof of second vaccine dose needed (PCR and rapid test not required).

For additional information, please see this link from Garuda Indonesia:

or to download the official circular please click on the link below:

2407, 2021

Triton Bay: Out of the Black & Into the Blue – by Alex del Olmo

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This past season we had the pleasure of hosting Alex as he was looking to get footage for his newest Out of the Black & Into the Blue series of underwater videos.  He managed to capture the essence of Triton Bay: the beautiful soft corals, massive schools of fish, whale sharks, and the wonderful critters we all love so dearly. These are the things we see often, but aren’t able to show to the world except through videos such as this one.  We’re honored to have been a part of the process and are very grateful to Alex for producing this.

3105, 2021

James Wei of Antares, shares his experience with the Whale sharks of Triton Bay

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Back about a couple of months ago we spent seven fabulous mornings snorkeling with whale sharks in Triton Bay Indonesia. There were as many as four at a time. They are attracted to the bait fish fishing platforms and if we feed them some of the baitfish, we can move them to the back of Antares. Dolphins, tuna, and mackerel joined the frenzy. In Indonesia this whale shark experience can be had in Cenderwasih, West Nusa Tenggara, and Triton Bay. Triton Bay was by far the best as the water was clear and the sharks show up every day.

1603, 2021

8 NEW Whalesharks Identified in West Papua

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After a shout out to some of our previous guests and others who visited Triton Bay, we have managed to help Conservation International identify 8 new Whalesharks that are visiting the region.  Six are from Triton Bay itself and two from Cenderawasih Bay.  If you have any Whaleshark images that shows the ID Spot (please see our earlier blog) please feel free to share them with us and Conservation International.  You never know you may have one that has not yet been identified and you can name it!!!

We would like introduce you to our newly named Whalesharks:

Firstly, those identified by our Guests: Rob & Susie Andrews, Marie Tartar and Faye Simanjutak.

Steven Genkins (Seadoc) managed to identify 5 new whalesharks, and named one after each of his immediate family member and their pet Dog Tyrion!