Requirements for Entering Indonesia

Good News!  Indonesia is open for business, you no longer require a PCR test before your flight.  You can enter the country provided you have proof that you have been vaccinated at least twice, within 14 days of arrival into the country, as well as proof of an ticket out of the country within your permited 30 day stay.

Some immigration agents may ask if you have downloaded the PeduliLindungi app, which we recommend you do, however it is unlikely you will be able to upload your vaccine details here, so this is just to show you made the effort.

E-Visa on Arrival

You are now able to process your Visa on Arrival before you fly to Indonesia, which means avoiding large queues.  Simply click on this link and follow the instructions and you will be issued with a QR code which you need to present at the E-Visa Desk on arrival into Jakarta or Bali airports, along with your passport.

Customs Declaration

Indonesia have moved into the 21st Century and now require you to complete your customs declaration online.  Click on this link, and complete the details a maximum of 4 days before you flight to Indonesia to receive a QR code which will be scanned at the Customs Desk as you pass through.

Guest Registration Form

In order for us to make sure you have the best stay possible, we ask our guests to complete the attached guest registration form and email it to us.  We need to receive your form at least 2 months before your stay, especially if you have any special requests.  Please ensure you complete the sections in yellow.  Please download this form and email it to

Guest Registration Form

TBD Terms and Conditions

Please feel free to review our standard terms and conditions, with regards to cancellations, payments and marine park fees.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms and Conditions TBD 2023-2024