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Diving the untouched reefs of West Papua

Check out what Triton Bay has to offer, from prolific soft corals and schooling fish to pygmy seahorses and majestic whale sharks…. almost everything a diver could ask for!

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Name your very own Whaleshark

February 6th, 2021|Comments Off on Name your very own Whaleshark

To all Divers or Snorkelers that have visited West Papua and particularly Triton Bay.  This could be your chance to get a Whaleshark named after you….. Triton Bay Divers is working closely with Conservation [...]

Impressions of Triton Bay from one of the first explorers to the region – Burt Jones

February 1st, 2021|Comments Off on Impressions of Triton Bay from one of the first explorers to the region – Burt Jones

The Bird's Head Seascape's Triton Bay is special. We first went there, with Larry Smith, for the soft corals. Since Triton Bay Divers  opened, however, the entire gamut of subjects have been located; from the [...]

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“During our initial surveys of the area in 2006, we were particularly blown away by the biomass of big reef fishes – especially groupers, sweetlips, snappers – and huge schools of fusiliers and surgeonfishes. We recorded the highest average abundances of commercially-important reef fishes here of anywhere we’ve surveyed in the Coral Triangle! We also immediately recognized this area is very unique, with a plethora of new and endemic reef fish species and reefscapes dominated by soft corals and ahermatypic corals. At the time we left, we really felt we’d only just ‘scratched the surface’ of this stunningly beautiful area, and all of us have been hungry to get back and spend more time exploring the area. As such, we’re delighted that Triton Bay Divers is now opening and will have the opportunity to really explore this magical region.”

Dr. Mark Erdmann, Marine Biologiest and Senior Advisor, Conservation International

Of all the tropical reefs we have seen in our combined 70 years of diving, Triton Bay is near the top of our list for fish diversity, soft corals and topside scenery…

Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock – Secret Sea Visions

“As the world gets smaller, the feeling of true wilderness gets harder and harder to find. But divers need to look no further than Triton Bay. In the age of Google Earth, where we feel we know every corner of our planet, places like this still throw up surprises. It was less than 5 years ago that the Triton Bay Walking Shark was discovered by science. This is an area of untouched richness. Productive waters feed productive reefs, that flourish untouched by mankind’s heavy hand. These are reefs with their full complement of species, from giant groupers that grow bigger than divers, to tiny jewel-like nudibranchs. A must see.”

Alex Mustard, Marine Biologist, Underwater Photographer

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