Ajay Joneja & Kitty Chow

Andrea Rothlisberger

Andreas Goldhahn

To see Andreas’ full set of wide angle, macro, aerials, and panorama’s from Triton Bay click this blog entry.  To see his Instagram, please click this link.

Beat Estermann

Bill Van Antwerp

Brandon & Melissa Cole

Cathy Cui

Connie Thieme

To see more of Connie’s work, please visit her website Marine Snapshots.

Corinne Bourbeillon

Corinne has a diving & travel blog for French readers which can be found at this link: www.pbda.fr

Corinne & Stephen Sanders

To see more of Corinne & Stephen’s pictures, please check out their Flicker page on this link.

Erik Leist

Erin Quigley

Gordon Tillen

To see more of Gordon’s pictures from Triton Bay, please click on the links below:

Triton Bay Underwater

Triton Bay the Animals

Graham Abbott – Diving4Images

Ian Kerr

Kerri Bingham

Lily Cheng

Marie Tartar

To see more of Steve and Marie’s work, please visit Aperture Photo Arts.

Nurul Yazid

Paolo Isgro

These are Paolo’s photos from Dec 2016.  Only the wide angle pictures are shown above.  To see his macro shots from Triton Bay, please see click here.

And these are his photos from Dec 2017.  To see the full set on Flicker, please click here for the wide angle album and here for the macro album.

Phil Gans

Qing Lin

Shannon Conway

To see more of Shannon’s work, please visit www.underwaterphotography.com.au.

Simon Lorenz

Stephen Phillips

Steve Eilenberg

To see more of Steve and Marie’s work, please visit Aperture Photo Arts.

Stewart Galloway

Sylvia & Joel Meudic

Tanya Wu

Thomas Haider

December 2016

December 2017

To see more of Thomas’ work, please see his page TH Photography.

Thomas Kuhn

To see more of Thomas work, please visit his website:

Valerie Reid