Alex is an award winning underwater film maker who produced four videos for us in addition to a Triton Bay edition of his Out of the Black & Into the Blue series of short movies.  This video, which shares much of the same raw footage as the four others, was professionally color corrected.  It is an amazing showcase of the best of Triton Bay and we hope you enjoy it!

This video, Triton Bay Cinematic, combines footage from the other three and features the best of Triton Bay: aerials, underwater macro, and wide angle footage. Soft corals, schooling fish, whale sharks & graceful dolphins, and tiny pygmy seahorses are just a few of the highlights of this video, which is truly a magnificent piece of underwater cinematography!

The essence of Triton Bay is its magnificent soft corals. Masterfully shot, this is one of the most beautiful underwater videos we have ever seen!

The third of the four short videos Alex del Olmo produced for us features pygmy seahorses. Finding them is not easy, but getting good, usable footage might be even more difficult. The shot of the Satomi feeding is especially amazing as most people would not be able to see this with the naked eye. All four species found in Triton Bay are in this video: Bargibanti, Denise, Satomi, and Pontohi (the black Severns variant). Again, thank you for the great video Alex!

This is the first of four short videos Alex del Olmo has produced for us after his recent stay. It features some of the critters that we have on our dive sites and much of it is in super macro.  The highlights are the green shrimp (our smallest critter, barely larger than a grain of sand) at 0:34 seconds and the super rare elegant dartfish at 0:38. Also, the beautiful leopard (or zebra) anemone can be seen at 0:27.