Alex del Olmo

Alex is a world class underwater film maker who produced four videos for us.  This video combines footage from the other three and features the best of Triton Bay: aerials, underwater macro, and wide angle footage.  Soft corals, schooling fish, whale sharks & graceful dolphins, and tiny pygmy seahorses are just a few of the highlights of this video, which is truly a magnificent piece of underwater cinematography!

The essence of Triton Bay is its magnificent soft corals.  Masterfully shot, this is one of the most beautiful underwater videos we have ever seen!

Karsten Heinrich

Experience Triton Bay with amazing aerial, topside, macro, and wide angle underwater footage!

An overview of what Triton Bay has to offer… A Special Thanks to Karsten Heinrich for putting this together!

Here is a spectacular bird’s eye view of the resort and of Triton Bay.  To see more of Karsten’s work, please click this link.

Nannette Van Antwerp – to see more of Nannette’s work, please visit

Some high quality super macro video of critters such as hairy shrimp, green shrimp, skeleton shrimp, Satomi pygmy seahorses, various exotic nudibranchs, and a host of other critters too small for most of us to see.  And of course, some footage of a very big critter at the beginning.

For those Macro lovers here are some Unusual Suspects found and filmed in Triton Bay at the end of 2016.  With Graham Abbott of Diving4Images.

Triton Bay is not just about the amazing coral reefs and fish life… Here is a little look at some of the macro life available in Triton Bay.  With Graham Abbott of Diving4Images.

Martin Gerber

Ran Feng

Stunning aerial and underwater footage of Triton Bay by Ran Feng. Thank you so much for sharing!

To see more of his videos please see this link:

Simon Lorenz

To give you a true perspective of just how remote and unspoilt Triton Bay is, check out this video put together by Simon Lorenz during his stay with us in early 2018.

Uwe Schubart

Here’s a fabulous video from Uwe Schubart, who stayed with us in 2019.  Highlights include: walking & wobbegong sharks, mobula rays, blue ring octopus, coleman and harlequin shrimps, soft corals and black corals, aerial footage, big schools of baitfish, fusiliers, surgeon fish & pinjalo snappers, and a even short interview with Andreas Goldhahn!